Future Weapons wars change

It’s hard to predict what kind of weapons will influence overwhelmingly in future military operations, because the very nature of armed conflict is changing and it is absolutely useless to change the performance and the result of a confrontation of scale between the two armies, such as China’s and US, in terms of asymmetric scenario, when troops fighting in a city.

Under certain conditions, the best drones generation five can radically change the situation, but because of their extraordinary speeds and inability to remain in a fixed location, these devices can be used to detect and destroy groups freedom fighters acting in the territory of localities. Given the nature of war, which depends on different scenarios, the newspaper said The National Interest tried to compile a list of weapons systems, which are generally in the drafting phase and that, when they come in equipping armies, can change the fate conflict.


Hyper Quantum Stealth and Stealth
Using metamaterials are in nature, the researchers create lightweight materials that drastically reduces thermal characteristics and visual targets. The technology is quite simple these materials, were skeptical of skeptics who say that they see. “Camouflage adapted” reproduce what is behind an object covered by “invisible cloak” surrounding it in the dark. Such “invisible cloak” will allow anyone, whether soldier or an elite band to act on enemy territory unnoticed. In any case, this will ensure a reserve of time for taking the initiative. Such material allows reducing the loss of human lives during the military operation, increasing the possibility of launching surprise attacks and precision “surgical”.


cosmic weapon
Despite the international community’s attempts to prevent the placement of weapons in outer space, big countries continue to devise technology that will transform heaven above into a new battleground. The possibilities here are endless on how, as it is unusual. It is so stationary lunar rocket launchers, command systems, switching asteroids for targets on the Earth’s surface.


Obviously, not all scenarios are possible from the technical point of view, and some ideas will probably remain forever on paper. But science is capable of progress in some areas, which will influence the character of wars. One of the options involves mounting apparatus of orbital electromagnetic pulse weapon in nuclear and non version.

Another type of weapon a space that arouses growing concern is the laser to intercept enemy ballistic missiles to the entrance to the path forward. The advantages of this interception is that the rocket is destroyed when it flies with the lowest speed and they should not be placed near the opponent’s territory, laser gun can operate at heights inaccessible enemy and therefore can not be destroyed or disabled.

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5 things you can do with an old phone

If we do not sell old phones comes with 20-30 $ or less given that a few years ago I paid for them four times more. Technology evolves, and that’s good. But what about smartphones are no longer topical? If you have an old phone that uses the Android operating system and not connect and the Internet, you can turn it into a useful gadget and enjoying its services further.


Here are some ideas:

  1. MP3 or portable media player

If your phone has a microSD card slot, you can use it to post the Mp3 player or portable media player. It costs less to invest in a microSD card with enough storage space for your favorite albums or movies. You can give such a gadget children in the family and they will complain that a mobile phone. Thus will you take away from danger, because you can control the content they access. You create a great gadget for long trips and boring.

  1. Portable Console

Games are an important part phones and tablets. If you have an old gadget new security will not work well on it, but there are some classics that you can install.

The folks at TechCrunch recommend you get into the Play store and search applications MAME, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Sega Megadrive / Genesis and Nintendo SNES.

  1. The camcorder nursery

If your phone battery or can withstand pretty well to keep phone charger always plugged in, it’s simple to use gadget post camcorder nursery.

There are plenty of applications that helps. One is IP Cam Viewer Lite, which can be downloaded for free from the Play store. It’s like you buy an IP camera.


  1. Remote intelligent TV

Many people today have Smart TV or their computer connects to your TV. Transform old Android phone with a unique remote control with the help of Unified Remote. It turns your phone into a universal remote control that works with Wi-Fi-mails or Bluetooth.

  1. Track Phone

With a support which is mounted on the windshield, you can turn your old phone into a GPS. Because the battery will run out quickly, and do not forget to get a car charger.

In the Play Store find many applications that help you get hold of maps to orient yourself. One of these is Navfree.


That you seek applications that pleases you, it is a challenge for every trader applications. Because of the millions of applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to face them.

Top traders of applications seeking to accomplish a marketing strategy as intelligent and as well set that includes pre-launch and post-launch its implementation. The best strategies will include channels organic and paid applications.

Below is a complete guide of the marketing of applications that each application owner to emulate.

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What is Snapchat and how it works

Everyone talks about Snapchat but not everyone knows how it works. That’s not a fashion kids? Like Social Media 10 years ago, yes. Snapchat is the newest social phenomen that is sweeping among the younger people.

hqdefault (1)

Snapchat app succes grew after Facebook tried to buy it but failed. Through the app sends more than 400 million pphotos a day, more than Facebook. At its base, Snapchat works similar to an immediately. messaging app, allowing you to feature contacts and send messages within the sort of photos or videos separately or in  groups. The main difference is that you select the time that the recipient can view the message before it is destroyed. That is, you send your photo, edit it if you want and send to whoever you need by specifying the time that you can access it.


After the user is notified that has a message and can view it clicking the message for the specified time by the one who sent. This makes it more difficult for all users to capture an image of the snapshot itself.

Snapchat hack android is perhaps the fastest time to take a picture with your mobile and share application, so its advantages is that you can share it fast, imperfect, because being temporal there is the obsession with perfection and it happens in other tools like another social media applications.

A lot of types of products are also using Snapchat for different purposes. Believe it or not, Snapchat is principally wont to portray aspects of way of life that aren’t relevant enough to remain anyplace for good. We loaded with a pressure to show a perfect version of ourselves in social networks and gift precisely the image we wish to speak, which finally ends up departure a hole to speak all that way of life that is prohibited on alternative networks a lot of permanent.

Reminiscenes expiration date.  Not everything you do throughout the day has no place in a museum, everyone is entitled to do “ugly” things occasionally. That plate of food that has gone dangerous particularly you, or a terrible sketch you probably did, a grain that has left you. These are stuff that give us a lot of modesty and never would publish in public and permanent networks, but we did not mind sharing if we choose with whom and has an ephemeral character.

Without make no mistake, an application that promises to erase your photos several seconds later and only shared with whom you want to get you out cries photos in front of the mirror balls. It is not the only thing used, not even his main, but good use, is what catches our attention. Especially if we know that the most platform users are between 13 and 23 years. This is another app that has integrated chat, if not enough Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and WhatsApp. You can send text at no additional cost has been the revolution in recent years in the world of communications. Snapchat joins this revolution, so that in addition to sending images also can communicate via chat.

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Justin Bieber talks about how he met Selena Gomez first and life

The last meeting between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had to establish new rules. The two discussed their relationship for 2 years and decided not to say bad things about each other.

The singer was seen on Wednesday at the residence of his former girlfriend and overseas media writes that the two met to discuss their breakup in a more mature way than ever before.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Singer Justin Bieber arrives at the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Justin visited Selena accompanied by his bodyguards, who had waited outside for the duration of the conversation with his ex-girlfriend.

Jackson’s mother says that even she keeps in touch with Selena, but does not have the slightest intention to influence son in any respect. “Selena is so sweet. I love and to always respect regardless of Justin’s elections. It’s his life, “said Pattie Mallette journalists.

We can not deny that Justin Bieber has a lot of fans who would like to spend even a single day with him and how the singer is not currently involved in any relationship … take a pen and write down.

Justin Bieber has revealed that appreciates a potential girlfriend. He said “it should have a nice personality, sense of humor, beautiful eyes and brain. What’s the point of having a beautiful girlfriend if you can not talk to her? Would you like to you can sit at dinner with her and have a conversation modest “.

The singer also prefer a more natural look: “I like girls who fardeaza excess so you can not see the face. Justin Bieber has revealed that when a girl clinging prefer to be quiet and surprising. “Depends on situation. But the beginning of the conversation does not imply anything – you have to wait a bit. Then, perhaps at the end of the conversation, I ask her something like ‘Do you have a phone number where I could contact you?’ Like that usually goes. ”

So if you’re beautiful, smart, sense of humor, do not use too much makeup and you have the chance to speak at least once with Bieber, Justin is likely to ask you the number.

By granting several interviews Justin agreed to create Justin Bieber Phone Number in order to make it easier to communicate with fans as to his name and at concerts. Justin Bieber Phone Number on the website you can find the phone number that will help you communicate with this celebrity.

Justin Bieber has sparked a wave of anger among fans of the late Prince, after he posted comments deemed to be disrespectful to the late musician on the social network Instagram.

Justin Bieber has angered fans overwhelmed by pain, posting an insensitive comment on Instagram.

Comments posted was a tribute to the late Prince answered by rock and soul musician Andrew Watt, who expressed sorrow, saying he is devastated by the loss of the last great living artist.

So much for Justin Bieber will expect to ask us questions.

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Instagram Apps

Instagram is an application for smartphones with IOS and Android but also a social network where you can add a variety of filtres and effects to all pictures taken by users. It is important to note that the policy prohibits Instagram users to load photos from the Internet. Instagram users can share photo on their social networks like: FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The popularity of this social networks has grown rapidly in recent years. The biggest contribution to the growing popularity of Instagram has FaceBook, which bought Instagram for over 1 billion dollars in 2012.

Instagram appeared in 2010 and in the first month has already one milion users. In January last year, officials from Instagram publiched one article in which statistics were presented Instagram. In that time, it had over 150 million users, over 60 biolion posted photo, more than 1 bilion daily likes, over 50 milion photos uploaded daily and 7 million users use the app every day .
Jetpack, a start – up of the social network conducted a survey aimed at achieving a top ten happiest countries in the world using photos posted on Instagram. In this study Brazil has emerged as the happiest country in those selected having a score of 60. 8 points, the score format depending on the smiles pictures on Instagram.

Instagram Hack
Instagram, which platform is generally used for sharing photos and videos, launch an account called @Music. This is the first dedicated account a specific type of content, in this case Music. This channel will present an other fae of budding musiciand and music industry, accordind to reports in the international press. Music account will be updated six time a week and will be dedicated to exploring the internationally music industry, from those who create music communities around them, according to Kvin Systrom, CEO and cofondator of Instagram.
Like any social media network, it also needs a hack. Users need a program or application through to get Likes, Followers or passwords of other users. How Instagram now has a messaging platform, users have become more interested for a Hack, a Instagram Hack. You can not get so easy a Hack. We say this because the Internet is full of such programs. If you wait to test them all, you will lose your time and you will realize that none of it works. Or they are not complete, or have viruses and various errors or after you perform a function they ask you for money if you want to continue to use it or if you want to finish.
But Instagram Hack is not like them. He is FREE to obtain and use and has no running limitations. You can easily get and you can use forever.

Access our website, download it, install it and start to use it. By entering username, you can generate Likes, Followers or you can find the password of that account, depending on what you choose. Typically, users generate Likes and Followers for their own account and the use Hack section to test if it show their account password and sfter try for another accounts. The probability of finding another hack than Instagram Hack is almost zero. We searched and tested everything. We put in Instagram Hack what others did not.
By that it is a simple application, FREE, easy to use and functional, makes from Instagram Hack the best category in its category. Instagram launched Hyperlapse, an application for IOS, which stabilizes the shooting. You can compress footage for up to 2 minutes to 15 seconds. Videos speed can be increased to 12x. The developers boast that Hyperlapse very simple, which uses a technique that stabilizes the image as well as a powerful and expensive camera. It is also boasts with the fact than you can do and the filming went, not necessarily stand still. Even processing power is muchh higher. They will continue to improve the application, but lack the necessary APIs, will not be released to soon on Android, wlthough they will.

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Apple software intelligence

Appearance on the market of Apple has provided an impetus technology development. Developing, over time many intelligent programs, Apple has managed to be one of the engines of progress, one of the companies that have proposed to develop continuously new and new forms of software to represent the spearhead in the field.

Among the latest news of acvestei companies include technology development iBeacon (which offers the possibility to identify the position where there is a person or location, without the need for connection to an external GPS, also can estimate the distance of a similar device fitted the same technology, based on a signal such as Bluetooth).


Latest research programs are geared towards the development of smart chips to enjoy digital camera 3D mobile phone, they continued their expansion in developing innovative ideas patented already, such as sensor fingerprinting, but has proposed other objectives grand demnde the name, such as creating a technology capable of detecting and interpreting objects and movements of a person or development of software applications to be able to determine the dimensions of an object or space, just based on photos taken with your mobile phone.

As modern humans benefit from the advantages of the development and advancement of technology?
Modern man is a man who benefits from the progress of science, who identify with all these advantages who makes life easier and saves time. Normally, modern man has replaced the traditional way of learning and study using books in classical format (paper) is about to be replaced by learning e-reader, laptop, tablet or computer. Modernism means getting the desired instant information, when required; that is why, today, smart mobile phones enjoys a popularity so high.


Man today is eager to try new things, you incite and offers a viable alternative for intellectual development. Certainly there are quite a few aspects to be taken into account when discussing the method of learning / study with tools that rely on advanced technology and progressive software. It is primarily the price of this smart accessory, the rate of spread and limiting it to a momentary well-established range of fields who show full usefulness. Reported, but at the level of access to information in real time and instantly, they are by far some extremely useful.

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Google Tehnology

Google needs to form a sensible watch which will make blood tests. Registered patent shows that the clock can collect blood while not exploitation needles and medical tests are totally different then. The blood would be drawn through a tube with negative pressure.

The same method can be employed in patients with polygenic disease World Health Organization ought to check their level of glucoza.Procedeul involves gathering alittle amounts of blood to those teste.In Now, i do know SmartWatch sites to watch pulse, however and therefore the level of stress and strain throughout exercise. Google has undraped a model. within the demonstration, Ivan Poupyrev, founding father of Project Soli, hit a virtual ball by merely moving your fingers. Also, developers have shown however a clock hour is modified by turning a roller unreal fingers.

After concerning ten months of labor, the Google Project Soli optimized in order that the chip is that the size of a nail. The goal is to integrate it into devices like smartwatchuri the thought of ​​the tiny screen that would hamper their use manual.
Google has with success check the software system to know the images. Its engineers developed the algorithmic rule assumes that the parts area unit analyzed and eventually generates a legend that explains what happens therein framework. the corporate adds part of “translation” additionally to its services and translation of words in one language that computers will perceive (Google Now).
This new technology is with success used Google search engines in machine-controlled business enterprise and serving to blind folks to surf the net or why not? within the globe a number of years. In essence, the new algorithmic rule works an equivalent because the translation between languages ​​and between language and therefore the computers.
Google Instant may be a new approach of displaying the results whereas the user varieties the required keywords. Google tries to indicate results whereas the user varieties within the search box Instant.
For example, if open Google.com and kind “animals” while not press enter or search, the results can seem in your browser already the key word “pet”. Incidentally this can be conjointly highlighted in grey within the search box. If you actually needed one thing else and still place an additional letter “v Pets” can seem instantly in browser search results for “animals for sale”.

Google tehnology
What is necessary to notice that Google won’t show results for the word “animals v” for the Enter key if we are going to have quite totally different results compared to the results for “animals for sale”.

Type the keywords that turns your web site standard and was seen Google Instant suggestions. In theory steered keywords can attract a lot of guests than within the past. For this reason should optimize your web site for these words (if up to now it had been not promoted on them).
Do not try and modification the previous pages that were well optimized on some keywords. produce new ones for words steered by Google Instant. Forming a partnership between a serious car manufacturer and Google might accelerate the market introduction of autonomous vehicles, the car manufacturer access to Google’s experience in software system, whereas Google would profit industrial ability of Ford.
Autonomous cars might facilitate to stop thousands of collisions, deaths and injuries, cut back fuel consumption through higher management of traffic and would extend the quality of persons World Health Organization cannot couch.

General manager of Ford, Mark Fields, was met earlier this month with co-founder Sergey Brin, in Golden State, to debate the state of negotiations, the supply aforementioned.
Google is negotiating with many automotive makers and it’s unclear whether or not Ford talks have progressed over those from alternative firms.

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phone locator

Today I will show you how you can detect different devices via a new technology appears on the market used by us even slightly modified but I’ll show you how it works. Gps phone tracker application called Tracker and can be used online and offline but for most users it is used online.


This release is one updated and can be used by whoever has access to it. The reason for using this application is distrust of people and can have a very important role in finding the information because it has this function. Further steps will show you which phone gps tracker to eligible for use without the need for another application. The first step is to choose the person and the device that you want to intercept to form route. To do this you need enter data in the window Gps Phone Tracker.


This data must correspond to data tracked device therefore will need to know. These data are for example telephone number address after social sites such as facebook, twitter etc. After knowing this information you will need to click the Detect button and wait a few seconds. Umatorul step is to click on the map and that is visible. This point involves location of your device that you want to watch. Once you’ve seen this map gps tracker phone asks if you can form your route to this point. Further training route will be active even if the point moves or is blurred. Phone gps tracker uses the default paper and other applications can use maps such as Google, navigator, etc. Tracking people is not a crime and should therefore not have to worry to use this application works without any hassle. Technology Phone Tracker on the desktop do not work because they have a connection to a compatible device gps 100% and this can only phone. By entering the phone number you can find out the location of a person and the only way is on our website with this application Gps Phone Tracker.


Phone Tracker Device Detection dealing with low intensity that is sown in special SIM card. After starting the system you must have the phone number of the person you want to track. Further tracker uses satellite phone closest to finding facilitated and uses his new technique for finding instant. To operate without major error will have to find a space with high signal intensity. The satellites have an important role to find location codes receptive to the issue.

Location detection is the most important component of this application functioning smoothly. It is very simple to detect a location that is used mainly by GPS, 3G and number of the person sought. We encourage you to use this location especially for parents and young people is married.


Phone Locator is a program created by a British company that is based on a technology that uses mostly intelligence satellites. This program works as an application that can locate any GPS enabled device. Although it contains data incerceptate Phone locator GPS, fuctioneaza like a car GPS device emits coordinator, but he fixed on some devices. Phone locator has a synthetic platform carefully crafted to not give error to connections with satellites emit signals depending scazut.In Phone Locator these things can be used to locate various devices, so you’re always attentive to problems.

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Gta 7 PC

Grand Theft Auto (abbreviated and GTA) is a video game of a series of action-adventure, available for the PC, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Portable, 3 respectively 4, Xbox, Xbox, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, developed by Rockstar Games. This series began in 1997 with Grand Theft Auto and continues at present with Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto can be divided into eras, easily recognizable after the numbers in the title of the game (e.g., Grand Theft Auto III) after the original Grand Theft Auto. Every era has a different graphics engine. The game is developed by Rockstar Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive.


GTA 5 is the game that was sold with the highest speed of all times, in comparison, first, with the other games in the series. With $ 800 million in revenue in less than 24 hours after the start of trade, almost nothing i never stood in the way of the new title.

Maybe not many of us know that you can play these games as an expert, trișând. Since the codes for GTA San Andreas, there are increasingly more, created precisely in order to improve your experience. Even with regard to the newest game in the series, there are already dozens of internet codes GTA 5, both for those who play X-box or PlayStation, but also those who play on the PC. PC version of the game GTA V has had a launch postponed several times, but finally, on April 14, this year’s ‘ miracle ‘ happened.

More information Gta7

Remember the 5th of November, because that will be the day when you start to regret that you have not thought of before to get your holiday a little, you can play in the future of leisurely game Need For Speed underground, i.e. most NFS so far. The guys from CarThrottle have made a brief summary of all the information known about the game so far, and we try to help further humanity by sharing you. So …
List of cars available in the game will be long
BMW M3 E46, BMW M3 E30, BMW M4, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang, Honda S2000 MkI, Lamborghini, Lamborghini Diablo SV Huracán, Mazda RX7 Wit R, Mitsubishi Evo MR, Nissan 180sx Type-X, Nissan Silvia Spec-R, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Subaru BRZ Premium and Toyota Supra SZ-R cars are advertised so far by Electronic Arts, noting that “many others”. Yes, exactly, we have over again!
You will be able to hold a maximum of five machines at once
Although the list of options in the field of wonders on the wheels will be-as she says, the player will not be able to hold more than five machines at the same time in the garage. Although this seems a disability because the games we have learned over time that your garage has number when it comes to space-the good part is that it gives you the opportunity to realize better what are, in fact, the cars most dear to you. It’s going to be hard to choose, but you’ll be proud of them.

The police will give you hassle in town
If you’ve played Rivals, it is worth noting that the map of the next Need For Speed is almost double. I’ll leave a little time to see what that means …

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Future Games

As billions of people and devices become increasingly connected, all industries are converts. Of these games industry is changing in a way not done before, as the new study shows Ericsson ConsumerLab “New ways of gaming”, submitted truth. Gaming has become increasingly socially acceptable as a form of mass culture, and consumers began to use those games to socialize and to fill their free time.


This led to the desire to have devices that can optimize constantly offering new and improved gaming experience. “The introduction of highly customized devices based on applications and has multiple purposes, like smartphones, gaming allowed to reach a much wider audience,” said Niklas Rönnblom Heyman, Senior Advisor, Ericsson ConsumerLab. “Currently, many games can connect to the Internet to encompass more functionality as multiplaying or to access bonus game levels. As this grows, performance, reliability and coverage of data services will become increasingly important, any disruption to the gaming experience being a great source of frustration for users, “he added. Gamer profile is changing. Ericsson study shows that 85%, 75% and 53% of respondents in South Korea, USA, and Brazil plays on fixed or mobile devices. Surprisingly, the gender distribution is equal, except a Brazil where several male players. 50% of gamers in the US have more than 34 years, unlike South Korea, where 50% of players over 40 years. In contrast, in Brazil nearly 60% of gamers are aged under 30 years. The most important aspect of network quality game is not bandwidth, but the stability and reliability of the network. The biggest annoyance is linked to the gaming experience its discontinuation due to unstable connections. As games become more popular, consumers are accustomed to retrieving their items in everyday life. This will increase the adoption of the concept of “gamification” and in other areas, from education to personal development. The study analyzes and the main reasons why people began to play more, discovering that they relate mainly to the need for social interaction and relaxation and entertainment, but also to make the time spent waiting or transportation of joint to go faster. Thus, socializing with others can improve the gaming experience, especially where players collaborate to complete a virtual mission. Also, games can be used as a communication channel, allowing users to be aware of what their friends are doing. Moreover, gaming is a way of relaxation and entertainment after a tiring day.

This type of gaming is usually planned and occurs at longer intervals of time, for example, evening or weekends. Increasingly more, games are used to fill free time, especially when it comes to play us on the phone while we wait before a meeting or to take a break from diverse tasks. These play sessions are usually spontaneous and vary in duration. Likewise, using games during travel by public transport has become an increasingly common practice. Study results were obtained from 8,000 online surveys and 60 interviews with professional gamers in the United States, South Korea and Brazil and 13 interviews with experts from academia and industry.

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